Wednesday, 11 July 2012 00:00

Where Liberals Go Wrong

The way we want it to be and the way it will actually work are often opposing thoughts.

For example, I don't want there to be need or want anywhere in the world. I don't want children to go hungry or there to be dirty air or water. I could go on.

Wanting that to be the way it is is fine, but entrusting government to accomplish it is naive. The element of human nature is to be self-interested above all and isn't considered when people make their wish list.

The only way to accomplish all these things I (and you) want is if our society is structured to use human self-interest to meet the needs of others. That was achieved by our founding fathers. Liberals ignore that their "utopian" society can only be accomplished with "utopian" (perfect) people.

I want to eliminate hunger and poverty, but the way to do that is to create an environment where you are motivated by your own self interest to accomplish these things.
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