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2012 Judicial Candidates

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Please take a moment to "plug in" with some of our Judicial Candidates. Judges are the most overlooked section of the ballot. Please help these conservative judges get elected!

Go to their pages below, LIKE them, and make sure everyone you know knows their NAMES. On the ballot, it will NOT tell whether they are Republican or Democrat, so your friends will need to specifically know the NAME of the judge they need to vote for!


Paul Newby - Supreme Court

David Robinson - Court of Appeals

Dan Nagle - District Court Judge (District 10)

Charles Gilliam - District Court Judge (District 10)
NC Experienced Conservative Judge Facebook Page

Duane's Facebook Page

As we come into the last few days of the primary, you can get more up-to-date information by visiting our Facebook page. Come and "like" Duane!

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Straw Poll

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Why Duane?

Because of What He Believes
• God. Family. Government. In that order. Our Government has it backwards. Let’s get it right and reign in government together!
• Small Business is the engine of our economy. Let’s lower taxes, eliminate punitive regulation, and end corporate welfare to attract new business and let our job creators do what they do best!
• Life and Liberty are precious. Without them, we can’t pursue happiness. Let’s protect the unborn, get government out of our lives, and restore personal responsibility.
• Let parents choose their children’s schools, let people choose their own healthcare, and let illegal immigrants choose to go home as we stop the government dole for lawbreakers.

Because of What He Has Done
• Democrats spent $500,000 over two elections to keep Duane out of a seat where they held over 50% of the registered voters!
• Duane walked neighborhoods and talked to over 20,000 voters at their doorstep or at local restaurants and events, garnering 1/3 of his votes from Democrats and Unaffiliateds!
• Duane has worked in the grassroots for candidates at every level. He has made calls, knocked on doors, and worked polls to help get Republicans elected across Wake County.
• Duane has served as a Precinct Chairman, District Chairman, and Vice-Chairman for our County Party.

Because of Who is Supporting Him
• Duane is Proudly Endorsed By:

Claude Pope, Jr.
Former Chairman
Wake County Republican Party

Marilyn Avila
Representative, NC House Dist. 40

Russell Killen
Mayor of Knightdale

Frank Eagles
Mayor of Rolesville

Gene Schulze
Mayor Pro Tempore of Apex

Ron & Fannie Stell
Wingtip Farms

Tommy Massey
Wakefield Nursery & Landscaping

Paul Fitts

Paul Terrell, III

Phil Matthews
Wake County Commissioner

Dustin Tripp
Knightdale Town Councilman

Bryan Hicks
Rolesville Town Manager

Christie Adams
Wendell Town Commissioner

Phil Jeffreys
Former Wake County Commissioner

Vinnie DeBenedetto
Former Holly Springs Town Councilman

John Lewis

Larry Schug


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Join the Movement

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Join the Movement

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Recovery Starts at Home

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Do you want a representative in eastern Wake County who will take our jobs-jobs-jobs agenda to Raleigh?  Let's get North Carolina back on track by cutting wasteful spending, reining in government, and giving the engines of job growth (small business) an environment they can work in!  Help Duane with any amount you can today! 

Donate Now!


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Mayor Pat McCrory Endorses Duane

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Click the link to listen to Mayor McCrory endorse Duane for State House!

Pat McCrory Endorses Cutlip in Phone Call

Monday, 18 October 2010 00:00

Duane Gets NRA Endorsement

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Duane is proud to have recieved the endorsement of the National Rifle Association!

In addition to endorsing him, the NRA also sent a mail piece to all of their members in District 39, asking them to vote for Duane!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 00:00

Restore Honor Rally

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The Cutlip family went to Washington, DC for the Restoring Honor Rally. Check out some of the pictures by clicking the link below!

Restoring Honor Rally Photos

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 00:00

Duane TV

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 Stop by again for new videos!


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