Wednesday, 17 October 2012 08:00

So He Won. What Did He Win?

After a convincing and unprecedented win in the first debate by Romney, we all knew that Obama would have to make up a lot of ground in the second debate.  We saw a taste in the Vice-Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan.  Personally, I thought Obama would use Joe's performance to recalibrate his own in order to achieve the right level of excitement without going over the top.  I guess that didn't happen...

Obama came out on the attack and Romney rose to match him.  It was an ugly affair, but I don't think Romney had much of a choice but to match Obama's rhetoric and pace.  Of course, all of that is commentary on style, but then again perhaps that's the only reason some folks thought Obama won.

So, what exactly did Obama win?  The CBS News poll shows that 37% of respondents thought Obama won the debate overall, 30% thought Romney won, and 33% hailed it a tie.  It's within the margin of error, but let's give it to Obama.  A 7-point victory still pales in comparison to the 24-point victory Romney garnered in the same poll for the first debate.  It's doubtful even on face value that the 2nd debate will halt or turn around the momentum Romney is enjoying at the moment.

If you look at the "crosstabs" of the poll, you'll find even more devastating news for Obama.  While he barely edged out Romney among people who thought he "won" the debate, it's a completely different story when you go issue-by-issue.  When looking at the other questions within the poll, we find that while folks may have thought Obama won the debate (style), they gave Romney the nod when it came to issues (substance).  Romney won huge points over Obama on the Economy, besting him by over 30 points (65%-34%)! Romney logged similar wins among debate-watchers for Taxes (51-44), the Deficit (59-36), Leadership (49-46), and even Obama's signature territory - Healthcare (49-46).

I would credit him if I could find the article again, but one commenter suggested the result of this poll was like one team scoring all the points, but the other team winning because they looked good in their uniforms.  The Democrats are all out metaphorically carrying Obama through the streets on their shoulders celebrating a "big win".  However, the folks out there aren't going to vote for someone based on how they did in a debate, but where they stand on the issues.  An old phrase echoes in my ears - "It's the economy, stupid!"

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Monday, 24 September 2012 18:00

How Can That Many People Be So Wrong?

So I was looking at Real Clear Politics online and saw that Obama is currently leading Romney in their poll average 48.6% to 44.9%.  They show Obama leading in 11 out of 12 of the top battleground states by a margin of 1% to 8.9%.  Intrade has Obama with a 71.6% chance of being re-elected.

Today is September 24.  There are 43 days until the election.  We have just been through a busy news cycle over the last couple of weeks in which a U.S. Ambassador was killed in Libya under circumstances that point to ineptitude by the administration.  While Romney made a statement about 47% of the country not likely to vote for him, Obama called the death of our Ambassador and the surrounding unrest "bumps in the road".

Unemployment remains over 8% and his inauguration day remains the record for lowest unemployment during Obama's reign.  There has been no appreciable rebound in the economy for the average American, and our debt has increased astronomically and sits at over $16 Trillion.  Welfare rolls have doubled under Obama with Food Stamps approaching similar numbers.  The dollar is declining, median income has declined every successive year in his regime, and we're facing the largest tax increase in the history of the world come January.  Even though our law requires it, there has not been even one budget since Obama took office.

Obama's campaign has recycled the promises and rhetoric from the '08 campaign and he even made the statement that he couldn't change Washington from the inside.  In essence, his campaign statements have amounted to, "it could have been worse".

So, why would Americans be at a point right now where they prefer Obama to continue being our President by a margin of almost 4%?  Perhaps the question is, "do they really?"  Knowing what we do about the accomplishments (or lack of) of this administration how is it conceivable that a majority of Americans in any poll could favor Obama over nearly any other candidate?  Perhaps it is because the polling is skewed.  As blatantly portrayed in the image above, most of the main stream media no longer hides their love of Obama.  Most of the pollsters are lefties.  If you're the one creating the poll, you have certain leeway to skew it to your ideology without most people catching on.

Rasmussen, who is regarded as the most accurate pollster, has the race much closer.  When you get into the cross tabs, you'll find that more people polled say that they'll definitely vote for Romney than those who will definitely vote for Obama.  At this stage in the 1980 campaign between Reagan and Carter, the pollsters had Carter ahead of Reagan by 4-8 percentage points.

Perhaps the polls are a result of wishful thinking by the left, or perhaps they're moderately accurate.  We hope (and there are plenty of indicators to back it up) that the polling is simply padded for Obama.  After all, how could the people we live and work with be so willingly ignorant?  But, if the numbers are even close, how can that many people be so wrong?

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Well, that's where Obama started his political career for one reason. Where would we be today if the good folks of Illinois had weeded him out in '96? Instead they were worried about Bob Dole and Slick Willie. People were concerned about making a "principled" vote for Ross Perot because "Dole would be just as bad as Clinton", and most of them didn't even know who else was running for anything that year.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it's important to make the right decision on the President, but I think it's just as important to know the rest of your ballot like the back of your hand! In the history of this great country, we've only had three Presidents that held no prior political office (note I didn't say they had no political experience). They were Zachary Taylor, Ulysses S. Grant, and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Each one of them were previously military Generals. That means every other President could have had their Executive aspirations squashed by a more local group of people who would have (should have) known them best. Other than a few of our first Presidents who served in the Continental Congress, the rest filtered up through a state political system with several even starting in municipal government.

How many Governors and Senators have run for President over the years? An even better question - how many of our local folks have run for Governor or Senator? Just in this primary for the Republican nomination, there have been six Governors and one Senator run. At the same time, we saw an uncharacteristic number of House members run (4 - Paul, Gingrich, Bachmann, and McCotter). Herman Cain flew the lone flag as a true political outsider.

So, here locally we're looking to elect George Holding to serve the 13th Congressional District. What if you knew he was planning to run for President in a few years? A total of 37,341 North Carolinians voted for him in the May 8 Republican primary. See where I'm going with this?

In relation to my previous post, there are folks who quit because they can't save the world and they forget to save their neighbor.

Don't give up because somebody running for President has become "political". Don't be surprised if they have powerful connections and you have absolutely no influence over them. That may be true, but there's more at stake than that.

By all means, make the right choice this November for President. But, remember they all start out somewhere. Find out who's running locally and get to know them. The life (and prosperity) you save may be your own!
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Wednesday, 26 September 2012 00:00

Is Obama an Illusionist?

An illusionist is skilled at making you focus on one hand while he performs a trick in the other.  What appears to be stunning magic is merely slight of hand.  Perhaps that is what our President is doing.

What if we're being distracted by the right hand while the real agenda is being carried out by the left?  In the 1992 election, the de facto motto was "It's the economy, stupid!".  That was a recognition of the fact that what American's care most about is closest to them.  Obama may be a lot of things, but he is not dumb.  You couldn't get to where he has with his resume if you were not.  Even a political puppet has to be smart enough to placate the puppeteers in order to get what he wants.

Imagine, would the American people concentrate so much on unemployment that they would miss the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamic groups taking over the Middle East?  Would Americans be so preoccupied by the devaluation of the dollar that they would not pay attention to his unending string of executive orders that circumvent the Constitution at every hand?  Would we only see an unsustainable debt of $16 trillion, and not see him weakening America in the world at a crippling pace?

It certainly is possible that Obama and his administration is simply incompetent.  One look at Joe Biden would support that argument.  Perhaps, however, it's something more sinister.  What if the state of the economy and jobs is merely the activity in the right hand that occupies all of our attention while his real agenda is being carried out in the left hand?

Think about it this way.  If you bought a piece of land upon which to build your dream home and there was an existing house that stood in the place you wished your new home to be, what would you do?  You couldn't very well try to build upon the existing structure if you wanted your home to be truly as you'd dreamed.  You would flatten the old structure and remove every trace of it so you could properly erect your dream home.

What if Obama's dream is a socialist America and the Founders' intent is currently standing in its way?

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