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All Is Not Lost

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After having some time for last week's election results to set in, it is easy to see a future of doom and gloom.  I have heard it said that we are now a nation of takers, not makers.  It is true that a significant portion of our population is now benefiting from the receipt of a government check in some form.  As that number grows, it is increasingly difficult to see how anyone would willingly back away from the government trough. Perhaps though, all is not lost!

In Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, he postulated that all humans have the same underlying motivations that are prioritized in a hierarchy.  A group of us may share the same external experiences yet react differently because 1) we may each perceive a different prioritized need at risk, and 2) we respond uniquely to the deprivation of these needs based upon our own individual nature and set of life experiences.

Some folks are happy about the election because they feel it will help them realize their needs of achievement, respect, or self-actualization.  Others are upset about the election because they fear in impending deprivation of their needs for achievement, respect, or self-actualization (that's right, the very same things).  In addition, there are many who fear the loss of security, safety, property, and other basic needs.  So, why should you not feel all is lost?

Throughout the history of civilization, there has been advancement then upheaval in alternating shares.  Through it all, human kind has always found some kind of equilibrium and status quo.  At a smaller level, American politics has done the same thing.  Certainly, there are some changes that will become a permanent part of the landscape as we move forward, but sometimes the best cure for wanting something is to get it.

While there is a growing dependent class in this country, not everyone who voted for Obama is a part of it.  Some folks were simply deluded to think that their set of needs would be met by re-electing him.

With the exception of Andrew Johnson (of the National Union party) 28 of the 29 Presidents since Abraham Lincoln have been either Democrat or Republican.  18 were Republicans, and 10 have been Democrats.  88 years have been under Republican rule, 60 years have been under Democrats.

Do you remember that everyone "liked Ike"?  Eisenhower was the only Republican President between 1933 and 1969 - eight years out of 36!  Ironically, though everyone liked Ike, they promptly handed control back to Democrats when he finished his two terms.

The point I'm trying to make is that the national mood has historically swung backwards and forth trying to find a point of equilibrium.  It's been that way throughout history and is likely to be that way as long as we live upon this earth.  We have a lot of folks that just haven't seen the squeeze yet.  Political junkies like us feel our most basic needs are threatened while some haven't had a blip on the radar yet.  We know that the Left's economic policies will fail.  We're already seeing an economic reaction to Obama's re-election.  As more folks get squeezed, we'll see more of them open up to an alternative.  We've just got to make sure we're there with a credible solution and leader to offer them.

This will not be without pain, so get ready.  But, we must continue doing the fundamentals so we're there to catch our nation when she proves this path is unsustainable.  Of the 240 million folks of voting age in this country, little more than half actually turn out to vote.  There's a good place to start our work in getting ready for 2016.

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