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Everyone Loves Leadership

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One thing has been proven in the post-debate analysis - everyone loves leadership.

All of us have given Romney our advice of what he needs to do to win (even if he wasn't in earshot), and pundits have surely had their critical analysis of the campaign.  There are lists of things he needs to do in order to win women, minorities, young people, seniors, and just about any other demographic.  In the debate last week, Romney showed that he was in command of the facts, had a plan, could take control, and was effective at selling and defending his position.  In other words, he demonstrated leadership.  That's something that has been tremendously lacking in this administration and politics in general.

I'll be the first to say that I don't agree with Romney 100%.  You'll remember that a lot of people didn't agree with Jesse Helms completely either, but still supported him.  At the end of the day, none of us will be in complete agreement with our President, but we sure do appreciate when someone steps up to the plate with confidence.  We all want to follow someone who acts like they know where they're going.

Pew's poll shows a big jump in support from women, non-Hispanic whites, and voters under 50.  There was movement among many other groups and across the board everyone agreed that Romney won the debate. Don't celebrate just yet, though.   There's still have a lot of campaign left and we know that the left-leaning pollsters are still oversampling Democrats. Look for them to do their best to erase Romney's post-poll bounce as best they can.

The point is, Romney's key to winning is to continue showing that leadership.  Conventional political thought dictates that he run to the middle and pander to independent voters that the Democrats may be leaving behind. Now that he's got his base on board, advisers are no doubt urging a centrist approach to pick up those needed votes.  I would contend, however, that throughout time it's leadership far more than ideology that earns support. We certainly have to work on getting back to our founders' intent, but right now some competent ANY REAL leadership would be a good step in the right direction!

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