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Will Risk Be Outlawed?

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I was flipping through the channels the other night and came across Bull-riding. I was shocked when the gate opened and out came the bull with something resembling the Michelin man riding on its back. 

After the rider fell off and the camera zoomed in, I realized that it really was a cowboy. He was wearing what looked like a motorcycle helmet, a set of football pads, and a bullet-proof vest. He was wearing "cowboy" boots, but even they had a toe protector on them.

Today, in the New York Post, George Will wrote a column entitled, "Football’s growing killer problem" (, that examines the increasing risk of injury in football and postulates that it cannot be fixed.

Will, half serious, half tongue-in-cheek, points out the perils while appropriately identifying this "age of bubble-wrapped children". This topic just emphasizes the growing list of things that a free people choose to do, but are increasingly under attack.

Are we a free people, or aren't we?

New York Mayor Bloomberg would outlaw most freedom of choice if he were able and require the government to manage our lives. He's attacked salt, fatty foods, and soft drinks in the name of health.

Across this country, our personal choices are being increasingly limited if they have anything to do with risk. Risk of bad health, risk of a scuffed knee, or risk of any kind of loss. We have abandoned any personal responsibility whatsoever in every conceivable facet of life!

Look, I know that there are some things that are inherently risky like bull-riding, football, investing, and eating fatty foods. But what are we teaching our children?

First, if they should scuff a knee, get a stitch, lose a dollar, or put on some weight, it must be someone else's fault. Next, since it's someone else's fault, they should set us on financial easy street for the rest of our lives. Finally, we must remove all the risky items from each list of choices. That way only safe choices will be available for us.

Forget that the bunch in charge of deciding what's on or off the list are a bunch of morons.

As for me, I long for the days of risking injury in order to have some rough and tumble fun. I crave the opportunity to lose money on an investment if I also have the opportunity to profit from it. Finally, I like bacon, ice cream, fried foods, bread, and Mt. Dew. I've got my big-boy pants on, so I know that if I don't limit those things and throw some broccoli in there from time to time, I'll face an early death.

But I want the choice. That's liberty and freedom. The indescribable bliss that comes with an endless buffet of choices surely has its downsides, but running my own life outweighs them all!

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