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Are You Up-to-date on Your Friendly Democrat Platform?

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The Democrats have given their 2012 platform a slogan - "Moving America Forward".

In reading the 32 page document, I find it full of things that will not move us "forward" at all!  Among them are:

  • They show a complete misunderstanding of economics and pass it all off with divisive language that ultimately blames Republicans.  They seek to 'double-down' on their failed 'trickle-up' economics.  Even a cursory reading reveals that they are long on hyperbole and short on details. They are focused on fear and ignorant of solutions.
  • They propose billions in new programs, but offer no credible way to fund them.
  • They believe abortion should have no restrictions.
  • They are for gay marriage and support stripping away every state and federal power to suggest or enforce "Defense of Marriage" laws.
  • They want to limit the 2nd amendment and pursue aggressive gun control laws.
  • They want to give carte blanch to Unions.
  • While they make a passe mention of "faith", they virtually leave God out of it altogether.  The only time God is mentioned in the entire document and that is on page 2 when it claims to support all of us living up to our "God-given potential"  This marks a continued effort on their part to rid themselves of God.  In 2004, their platform mentioned God 7 times.  You will have heard that the delegates actually booed when (under pressure) it was suggested that they put "God" and "Jerusalem" back into the platform

This platform simply reinforces what we all know about the Democrats and their intentions to make major alterations to the fabric of America.  What may have been a bit unexpected was the bloodlust in the delegates to pursue such an out-of-the-mainstream platform.

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