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Don't Believe The Hype

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If you believe the media and the polls, you would think that one in four Americans are homosexual, 75% of us support abortion, and most of us like Obama.

The perception is that folks like you and I are in the minority, but that's not true - by a longshot.

Recently, as I visited our local Chick-fil-A during the "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day", I heard many people utter the words, "Great! There's a line!" as they came up the sidewalk.  As I thought about it, that highlights what has become a major problem for conservatives.  The perception is that most people have lost their common sense and there are only a few real conservatives left.  As people expressed their relief at seeing a line, they were actually saying how glad they were to find that there are a whole lot of other people that share their common American values.

If we dig a little deeper, we'll find that we've been lied to on every level creating a blanket of perception that keeps most of us sitting at home cowering in the corner.  Gallup did a poll in 2010 in which they asked respondents what percentage of Americans did they think were homosexual.  The average respondent thought that 25% of us were gay.  Certainly if you thought one-fourth of Americans were gay, you would moderate your comments on the subject quite a bit regardless of what you personally thought about it as a lifestyle.  After all, who wants to anger that large a group?  The fact is, even the liberal Huffington Post could only uncover a study that maximized the number at 1.7% of Americans being homosexual.

Since the 1960's, we've been told that most Americans want abortion to be freely available and unfettered in scope.  It has been sold as "choice" and a woman's right to control her own body.  Human life has been labeled as a fetus, an organic mass, and everything else but a human being.  After over 4 decades of this brainwashing, Gallup's 2009 poll showed that 73% of Americans still believe that abortion should at the very least be limited to certain circumstances and at the most be illegal altogether.  Despite the "re-education" efforts, truth has still won out in individual hearts.  The only problem is, most of us would assume that 73% of Americans want abortion in any form based on what we hear from the media.

Christmas is around the corner and we've arrived at a time in history when most of us will say, "Merry Christmas" either timidly, waiting to be chastised for it or defiantly, daring someone to do so.  The fact remains that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas and recognize it as a religious holiday.  In fact, 80% of Americans claim to be Christian.  The next highest religious group is the Jewish faith, and they command a whopping 1.5% or so of Americans.  Every other group is smaller than that.  About 15% of us either don't practice, don't know, or claim to be atheist.  Shame on us for cowering!

It's time to stop believing what we know in our hearts to be untrue.  Your neighbors who support gay marriage and abortion don't care enough about your feelings to promote their beliefs.  Why are you afraid to stand up for your principles?  Whether they like it or not, common sense is still in abundance here in America.  We've just been too quiet for too long.

In addition, we're finding out that the current polls are oversampling Democrats in what is called the "Partisan Matrix". In Florida and Ohio, the CBS/NYT polls sample Democrats in greater numbers than 2008.  It's inconceivable to think that's even remotely accurate. Obama got the smallest convention bounce in the polls since 1964, yet the media keeps producing polls that show Obama with a lead.  Now we know how.  Don't believe the hype!

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