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First Shot at the New Districts

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So, the North Carolina General Assembly just released their first proposed maps for the new congressional districts.  Here are my first thoughts.

After taking a moment to look at the newly proposed congressional districts. I'd like to share just a couple of my thoughts. As you look over these too, please be sure to look at all the facts and not just a few.

1. I don't like the maps.  They still look like "bug splats".

‎2. I wish that we could just start at one side of the state and start dividing up the districts

Problem is, we can't just do that - by law.

Apparently, we are bound by law to take many different things into consideration. Many of these laws were enacted to attempt to right a previous wrong. However,

we can now see the rule of unintended consequences coming into play. Despite valiant efforts, I'm sure, on the part of our new General Assembly, complying with all these rules brings us right back to these spider-web looking districts that we all hate.

3. The only way to permanently fix these odd-looking districts is to undo or redo the underlying laws that currently mandate the make-up of districts. It seems to me that just dividing up the state in 13 logical, contiguous pieces would be fair for everyone. Apparently, I'm wrong.

If we're going to fix it, we have to go back and fix the root of the problem - which are these constraints. Surely there's a simpler way to be 'fair' to everyone.

4. Don't get discouraged and hang your newly elected representative out to dry (that is, if they're one of the ones trying to help us). Communicate with them so they know your concerns.

5. Visit the following links and inform yourself.

NCGA Redistricting Web Portal - This is the main site for redistricting information on the GA website.

Joint Statement - read this statement in particular that outlines some of the process of compliance.

NC General Assembly - NC GA website. Find your representatives and let them know what you think!

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