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Tebow, A Slice of America Past

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I just finished reading an article in USA Today about Tim Tebow.  The article addressed characteristics that make Mr. Tebow so unusual in today's world.  It highlighted his humility, deference, and polite nature when being interviewed and  answering questions or talking about his coaches and teammates.  It discussed how his life was faith-centered and that he interacted with his fellow man in ways consistent with his belief system.  It talked about his compassion for his fellow man and those who were disadvantaged.

Ultimately, the article illustrated why Mr. Tebow is so unusual.  He has character, morals, and respect for his fellow man.  He is guided by principles and standards and has his priorities right (there's a lot more to life than football).  He is humble yet determined and works hard to meet his goals.  He's not looking for a handout or easy road from anyone, but is ever willing to give someone a hand up.

It seems to me that if we go back a few decades in this country we would find that "uniqueness" to be just another slice of Americana.  There was a day in America that people were basically honest and moral.  They helped their neighbor and were polite and respectful.  They had a sense of duty, determination, and self-reliance.  They sought to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, but were ever ready to help a friend in need.  Whether they were Baptist or Catholic or Athiest, they believed in acting ethically and were not afraid to call things right and wrong as they saw them.  By and large, they did not give in to vice or lascivious living and arranged their priorities by God, family, country, duty, work, and play.

What have we done so wrong that Mr. Tebow stands out among the crowd?


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