Wednesday, 26 September 2012 00:00

Is Obama an Illusionist?

An illusionist is skilled at making you focus on one hand while he performs a trick in the other.  What appears to be stunning magic is merely slight of hand.  Perhaps that is what our President is doing.

What if we're being distracted by the right hand while the real agenda is being carried out by the left?  In the 1992 election, the de facto motto was "It's the economy, stupid!".  That was a recognition of the fact that what American's care most about is closest to them.  Obama may be a lot of things, but he is not dumb.  You couldn't get to where he has with his resume if you were not.  Even a political puppet has to be smart enough to placate the puppeteers in order to get what he wants.

Imagine, would the American people concentrate so much on unemployment that they would miss the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islamic groups taking over the Middle East?  Would Americans be so preoccupied by the devaluation of the dollar that they would not pay attention to his unending string of executive orders that circumvent the Constitution at every hand?  Would we only see an unsustainable debt of $16 trillion, and not see him weakening America in the world at a crippling pace?

It certainly is possible that Obama and his administration is simply incompetent.  One look at Joe Biden would support that argument.  Perhaps, however, it's something more sinister.  What if the state of the economy and jobs is merely the activity in the right hand that occupies all of our attention while his real agenda is being carried out in the left hand?

Think about it this way.  If you bought a piece of land upon which to build your dream home and there was an existing house that stood in the place you wished your new home to be, what would you do?  You couldn't very well try to build upon the existing structure if you wanted your home to be truly as you'd dreamed.  You would flatten the old structure and remove every trace of it so you could properly erect your dream home.

What if Obama's dream is a socialist America and the Founders' intent is currently standing in its way?

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